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Quetzalcoatl 3 CD set

Audio Only!




"From the minute I put the first cd in, I knew this story was special. The musical score and the voices of the characters captured my attention and the attention of my 10 year old son who is hearing impaired and usually finds no interest in audio books. We enjoyed listening to the story in the car together and looked forward to hearing more each time we drove somewhere. I was touched by the deeper, spiritual meaning in the story. The Tales of Davey Jones are a must listen for every family!" -Dawn, mother of 3
book-and-CD "I really enjoy listening to audio books. Quetzalcoaltl is exciting and I felt the story come to life. It was easy to read along and learn new words. I also liked to imagine what was happening. I felt like I was apart of the story!" -Emily

"I love the voices. The story comes to life." -Savannah age 13

"It was exciting, sad and there are some parts where the hair on the back of my neck stood up! This audio book was one of the best I have listened to. I didn't want it to end. I look forward to the second audio book in the series." -Taylor

My child accually stood still for 30+ minutes...

picture1-small "I loved it. It is awesome. "I loved it. It is awesome. How it's made - it's just amazing! Garrett is my favorite because he had the courage even though he had a crippled leg to beat up Toby, the bad boy!" Eliza 6 yrs. old, Riverton, UT

Benjamin Dalley (age 9) “I liked the serpent a lot. I want a super friend like that.”

Very captivating. Even our young teens liked it.

Nick Dalley (age 12) “It’s really cool to listen to an adventure. I like the characters and want to hear more.”

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